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    - A New Sun Rising in Software Start-Up Galaxy!

With 50 years of cumulative experience in working with world's top Data Networking Companies, µPro is instinctively positioned as natural ally for your rapid growth plan.

Being a Reliable, Quality Software Company in the field of Networking, Systems and Application Domains
To provide Quality and Timely Software Solutions to Enhance Customer’s Delivery Capabilities in Networking, Systems and Application Domains


  • Thirukkural: 369
    • “Finding the Right Persons, Methods and Tools for the Right Job is The Management

  • Self-Mantra:

    • “Enabling and Empowering is The Leadership

to journey through the Mission, thus attaining the Vision

Our Areas of Expertise:
  • Design and Development of SOHO Devices like Home Gateways, Cable Modems, IP Set Top Box and Routers

  • Network Processor-based Fastpath/Data Plane Solutions

  • Wired(/Ethernet) and Wireless Drivers

  • Layer2 Technologies like Ethernet Bridging, VLAN, PWE3, WLAN

  • Protocol Development/Integration, like Firewall, NAT, DHCP, NTP, for Single and Multi-Core Processors

  • Application Development, like Wireless TrustSec, Radio Resource Management, AVC, SNMP, DOCSIS-Solutions

  • Python-based SD-WAN Performance Optimization Solutions

  • Makefile/Build Systems: Development, Optimizations, Restructuring


Turn-Key Solutions
Turn-Key Solutions

Want to focus concurrently on your Core areas, as well as rapid development?

Data Network Consulting
Data Network Consulting

Looking out for improved performance of Data Network Architecture, Solutions?

Enhancement / Sustenance
Enhancement / Sustenance

Need a hand to Enhance/Sustain your market-winning Data Networking Products?

Turn-Key Solutions
Application Development

Intuitive UX and Ingenious Core -
Twin-Siblings of an empowering Application.

We bring them to you!

Software Testing
Software Testing

Quality Assurance is NOT an act.....It's our way of life!

Makefile/Build Systems
Makefile / Build Systems

Want to save your Dev Engineers' precious productive hours by optimizing the Build Systems?

Our Clients

The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started

"Coming Together is a Beginning

Keeping Together is Progress

Working Together is Success"

- Edward Everett Hale
Looking Forward for an Enchanting WIN - WIN Collaboration!!!